Porcelain Night Light with Color - Cardinals

Porcelain Night Light with Color - Cardinals

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The cardinal -  Instantly recognizable with their distinctive red plumage; the female's sweet song is one of the first sounds you will hear in the morning. Fiercely territorial and loyal, they are an endearing creature loved by many. This image captures a mated pair on a Birch tree, and is one of our top sellers.

Night Light comes complete with on-off toggle switch, 120V 7W incandescent bulb, and nicely gift boxed.

Size: 5.5" H. x 3.5" W x 2.25" D

More great details about this unique, beautiful night light:

This is a "lithophane"; a thin translucent porcelain night light, made using a lost art from the 1800's.  When lit from behind, the light shining through the different thicknesses of the carving causes a highly detailed image to appear in front, almost magically.  As you see, the illuminated image is so detailed, that it has a totally photographic quality to it!  In addition, the relief of the carving gives the image a 3D quality when seen in person.  To make them, the artist starts by carving the image in a translucent wax, with the wax lit from behind. He then takes a plaster mold of this engraving, and then cast a fine porcelain clay into this mold and then kiln fires the porcelain to 2300 degrees F. to achieve its translucency and durability.  Lithophanes were invented in France in 1827, and were popular throughout Europe until the early 1900's. They mysteriously faded from popularity with the advent of electricity.  He first started making them 32 years ago by reproducing the antique ones.  He eventually learned how to engrave his own originals, and this has been his specialty ever since.  His lithophanes truly make for a beautiful and practical piece of art that you will use daily, year after year!  On this piece he takes it one step further by applying a ceramic glaze to the back of the porcelain, and then kiln firing it to fuse the color to the porcelain.  When lit, the color gentley diffuses through the porcelain, further enhancing its beauty.  Because it is kiln fired onto the porcelain, the color will never fade or discolor.