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Daniel Muldaur wants his wife back. He doesn’t care that she’s pregnant by another man. He refuses to turn his back on the life they built and the love they shared.

~For nineteen years, the Muldaurs had an enviable, unshakable marriage. How, then, did Teressa become pregnant by Gregory Costa, a man whose violent death opens the scene to one of the most poignant love stories ever told?
~Will nine months be time enough for Danny to go from a man betrayed, to the proud father of someone else’s baby?
~Can Teressa forgive herself the worst mistake of her life, never imagining the baby she carries might bring them more happiness than they’ve ever known - if only she can survive the guilt?
~In an age when one molecule of DNA can change everything you thought true about your life, wouldn’t you want to know THE LOVE STORY BEHIND THE LIE?
~AN IRISHMAN’S SON is the continuation of Teressa Giannopoulos and Daniel Muldaur’s enduring love story, first introduced in the novel BAKLAVA, BISCOTTI, AND AN IRISHMAN, a finalist in the Multicultural Fiction category for International Book Awards - May 2017.