Woodstock Wind Chime - Mystic Spiral - Confetti

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Bringing the garden indoors™
This unique spiral chime features multi-color stone accents and makes a mystical, sweet song.

Spirals are found throughout nature and represent growth and evolution. The spiral's winding path is a symbol of life's journey.

Our Mystic Spiral chime features genuine stone accents. This chime's name comes from its multi-colored stones that are reminiscent of confetti sparkling in the sun. But don't wait for a celebration! Every day is a perfect day for this spiral of chimes to add its soft, mystical music to your home or garden.

This product is designed to hang from a string loop, rather than an O-ring.

This product has long strings that may tangle in strong winds. It may be preferable to hang it in a sheltered area or indoors.

Woodstock Wind Chimes:  “The World’s Favorite Windchime!”  What’s better than relaxing in the summer heat with a cold, refreshing drink?  How about enjoying that perfect cold drink while listening to the relaxing sound of a beautiful Woodstock wind chime in the summer breeze!
The chime more people ask for by name, Woodstock is the original, musically tuned high quality windchime founded in 1979 in New York by GRAMMY® award-winning musician, Garry Kvistad.  Committed to fine tuning and great sound, Woodstock’s award-winning Chimes are tuned to beautiful melodies and scales from around the world.

Mission of Woodstock Chimes:  ​​To produce musically tuned, affordable, high quality products that enhance well-being through beautiful sights and sounds. We strive for sustainability, supported by our business practices, our wind-powered chimes and our people-powered instruments.

They are famous for a unique variety of high quality, affordable musical gifts that inspire, entertain and bring pleasure to people of all ages.  Choose the Woodstock Chime that speaks to your soul!