Wine Sweetzer Berry Bliss

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Sweetzers just took on the Strawberry! Blend Berry Bliss with Burgundy wine or Merlot to create a very berry experience, perfectly refreshing any time of year served as a wine slushie or over ice!
Great for entertaining or as a hostess gift!  Comes with two mixes in each package and each makes one pitcher of goodness!  Pair with an etched Cape Cod wine glass (stem or stemless), one of our sassy "fun" wine glasses, or one of our popular insulated drinkware options!

You'll need:  1 package of Sweetzer mix, 1/2 bottle of Burgundy or Merlot, 6 fl. oz. lemon-lime soda.
In a seperate container, mix all ingredients until dissolved.  Add to a blender full of ice and blend until desired.  OR, just pour over ice!
Makes one pitcher of goodness! 

WARNING:  Sweetzer frozen slushies may cause a laid back "Cape Cod lifestyle."

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