Friendship Tea Towel

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This upscale gift encourages people to share their stories and blessings when gathering with family and friends…A gift for memorable times at home, and forging deeper bonds.

This heartfelt sentiment captures a warm and welcoming spirit:
"Friendship means always having someone by your side. It means rejoicing in each others’ successes, and supporting each other through difficult times. Friendship means sharing joys and sorrows, and forgiving one another completely. Friendship is laughter. Friendship is trust. Friends strengthen and inspire one another. They bring joy and meaning to life. A friend understands your past and believes in your future. A friend values you and believes in your worth. A friend feeds your spirit and is connected to your soul. Friendship lives in the heart, and is not lessened by any distance or lapse of time. Friendship is a blessing. 

Friendship Tea Towel Lined and cotton. 

Measures 27.5" H x 18" W

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