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Boys of Summer

Throwback Thursday is just what the title implies!  We’d love to have you share some of your family pictures and memories with us.  Yes, we know that today is not Thursday but this blog needed to be posted before the Cape Cod Baseball League comes to an end.  

We will begin by sharing one of our favorite memories as well as some of our family photos.  We started housing Cape Cod Baseball League players in 1989.  Our first player came to us from the University of Alabama and played for the Hyannis Mets (now the Hyannis Harbor Hawks).  6’5″, southern drawl, good manners, shy and bonded with our four kids = WINNER!   It was a wonderful summer for all of us and we were officially “hooked” thanks to Mark Roberts, pictured here mid-pitch.


Since then, we have housed as many as three and four players at a time.  The collage in the following photo shows only a handful of them.


Here are some of the highlights from out 10+ years of hosting.
One player, who we housed, returned to us as head coach of the Mets (Mike Juhl), pictured here in the Phillies uniform.  Another (Keith Storh) came with his whole family to coach the Mets and even brought their dog.  His family fell in love with the Cape, he found a job here and they lived with us until they found their own home.  To top it all off, his son (Tyler) actually returned to live with us as a pitcher.

How crazy is this?!   One of players who lived with us turned out to be a cousin (Mike Terceira)!
Finally, another wound up in the majors as a member of our beloved Red Sox with his teammate from college!  Jason Varitek (pictured here with Kelley) lived with us for two years while he played for the Mets and Nomar Garciaparra played for the Orleans Cardinals.

The last picture was taken by a dear friend of ours during the 1993 Cape League All-Star game held in Wareham.  On closer look,  the catcher, Jason Varitek, sets up for the pitch as the batter, Nomar Garciaparra, hits the ball for a home run.  Special memories are made each summer at these games.  You never know who will end up wearing the uniform of your favorite team in the future.

The games are FREE but donations are always welcomed when they pass the hat.   Quite a bit of planning and work go into each season and  it’s thanks to all of the volunteers that this league has remained #1 for over 100 years.  We were part of that for many years while Kelley, along with Corrie and Samantha, ran the snack bar for Hyannis.  One of the crowd favorites back then was our homemade clam chowder.  We made over 50 servings for every home game!  Of course, that was just the beginning of what has turned into a snack bar that now offers a wide variety of food for sale.

Exciting baseball,  talented players and  50/50 raffles at each game all create an affordable family outing.  Don’t forget to bring a pen for autographs!

Definitely a 5 star idea!  Hurry before the season is over!


We will share more memories on Thursdays as the year goes on so be sure to check back often.  What are some of your memories and pictures?

Have a Cape Cod Day!
The Cape Made Team