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Does anyone out there remember when the Six Flags in western MA was Riverside Park?  Or how about Mountain Park?  Well they were the go-to places for fun when I was a child (about 60 years ago) and one of the favorite rides was always the carousel.  For some reason I feel that my favorite one was at Mountain Park.  Of course I can’t remember why!  Our children grew up with the one in Sandwich at the Heritage Plantation, now the Heritage Museums and Gardens, and the one at Rocky Point. Occasionally we were fortunate enough to bring our little ones to Walt Disney World!

This picture of Chris, Corrie and Samantha’s oldest brother, was taken at Disney and is circa 1979.

Falmouth is home to the famous Carousel of Light. This is one of the few carousels in America that was hand carved.  Falmouth artist Lance Shinkle designed and created this beginning in 1988 by first using a chainsaw on reclaimed Eastern White Pine.  Fashioned in a nautical theme, there are  2 wheelchair accessible chariots to accommodate special needs.  

The location is Katherine Lee Bates Road on the grounds of the Mullen School.  Across the street is the Falmouth Library.  The cost is affordable at $3 per ride – cash only so don’t forget to stop at the ATM.  The first ride is at 11am and the last is at 8pm.

Blake waited patiently for his turn to ride.  Because he was too little to go on by himself, Mama Samantha had to go too and the cost was only $3 for both.  His horse was Butterscotch and he hasn’t stopped telling everyone about it.

Adjacent to the carousel is a playground that will satisfy all ages.  Slides, swings, a light house to climb and more.

The Carousel of Light operates from Memorial Day throughout the summer.  At the end of the season, it is broken down into pieces and stored for the winter.  Now that would be something to see!  We would also be interested in seeing it put together for the 2018 season.  For further information:   http://www.carouseloflight.org/

We’d love to have you share your memories and old photos with us for Throwback Thursdays.

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